Losing America

America as we traditionally view it, and as the founders envisioned it, is all but dead! The concepts of “one nation” and “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) is silently vanishing. And, speak of the American melting pot is now the politically correct defense for protected class segregation. The melting pot analogy worked when the tired and huddled masses assimilated into the American fabric of yesteryear. Those masses shed their old world identities and assumed the American identity. Was it perfect? Perhaps not, but the concept built a nation that united and became … [Flush this ... to read more]

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He most certainly is not a terrorist


I’ve woken up in bizarro world and it’s devoid of critical thought. Horrible acts have been committed within the homeland over the last several years, and yes they do need to be defined in order to address and correct the root cause. Unfortunately, … [Flush this ... to read more]

News Dump

College Student ‘Can Hardly Blame’ Those Who Robbed Him At Gunpoint Because of His White ‘Privilege’

By Kevin Boyd In many major cities like Washington D.C., unfortunately being mugged is a way of life. However, one student at Georgetown University was not only blase about his recent mugging, but actually believes he deserved it because he was “privileged.” According to his op-ed in The Hoya, which is Georgetown University’s school newspaper, […]


Welfare Payout Statistics That Will Make You Really Angry

by Timothy Tuttle  


Defiant Obama plans to use his power on immigration and Keystone XL

By Allen West Could it be that the United States of America is on the verge of a constitutional crisis? As reported by Politico, “President Barack Obama on Friday defended his plans to use executive power to bypass Congress, signaling that he’s determined to move on issues like immigration and climate change, especially when lawmakers […]


New idea to defeat ISIS: call it something else

By Allen West For your daily dose of politics not making any sense and adversely affecting policy — this time foreign and national security — I bring you this story. As reported by CNS News, “A global effort to counter claims by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) that it is acting in […]


Las Vegas School District Considers Teaching 5-Year-Olds About Masturbation

by Steven Ertelt We live in a hyper-sexualized society where so-called experts think it wiser to push sex on younger and younger children. The abortion industry doesn’t mind at all, because Planned Parenthood can prey on young impressionable teens and pre-teens by telling them that early sex is perfectly fine and can exploit them to […]


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MORE – From the Bowl

He most certainly is not a terrorist


I’ve woken up in bizarro world and it’s devoid of critical thought. Horrible acts have been committed within the homeland over the last several years, and yes they do need to be defined in order to address and correct the root cause. Unfortunately, it took the act of a nutbag racist to define what President […]


More American polarization: Baltimore burns


You say you’re angry and frustrated. You feel profiled, targeted, locked up, persecuted, and exterminated. On the streets in Baltimore and other cities you believe the police are attacking you, but the larger perspective is that white America wishes to perpetrate a racial genocide of the black man. Community leaders continue to frame the issue racially […]


Drop and Run: The politically correct policing policy


Two more police officers have become victims of an assassination attempt fueled by the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. While the outcome differed from the two NYPD offices gunned down in their squad car, the sentiment behind the act was similar. Among police, there is a nation-wide plot to actively target […]


Reading between the lines: Echoes of the progressive agenda in Radical Islam


President Obama’s stance towards Christians is no secret. The actions of this Administration are hostile towards Christianity, from the Affordable Care Act to handling the persecution of Christians in Arab countries. President Obama hit the exacta on a politically correct blunder with comments that double down on his belief that the existential threat from radical […]


The enemy of the left is not radical Islam


The left finds it easy to define and label Christians, members of the military, and conservatives, yet it is so difficult for them to define the threat from radical Islam? Saul Alinsky’s rules would have one demean and marginalize a threat. However, these rules are wielded against ideological threats. Given past and current commentary, it is […]


Burying our heads in the sands of politically correct tolerance


Political correctness teaches us not to offend the sensitivities of others. Do not offend! The underlying mantra that masquerades under the guise of tolerance. Unfortunately, tolerance is abused and used to divert attention from the real issues at hand, whether they be racial or ideological. Attempting to focus on the issues, and questioning the intention […]


American polarization: Ferguson and the great divide


The tumultuous response to the Ferguson, MO Grand Jury verdict in Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown is a glaring example of the huge divide in America. Not only within the political spectrum, but within all juxtaposed groups the divide in American polarization is drifting apart, farther than the Grand Canyon. The difference of […]


First black President executively alienates the black community


With a stroke of his pen, and perhaps a call on his phone, President Barack Obama single-handedly alienated the black community when he signed his latest Executive Order on immigration, Friday. Never mind the looming constitutional crisis, the Executive Order just emptied the vacuum and turned up the suction. Providing amnesty has reset the illegal […]


Post-election wrap-up


Twas the midterm elections, which shaped up to be a good night for conservatives. What is the moral of this story? My take is the diversity of opinion in conservative precincts. Over the last several years we have seen the Democrat opinion in lockstep with the liberal wings of the party. Their message was hammered […]


This election cycle: Democratic message of success for blacks


These midterm elections have often seen conservatives grappling with whether they should adjust their message for blacks. Adjusting their message to be more pandering like the Democratic message to blacks, which suggests that they are incapable of overcoming directional deficiencies to find their way to obtain a voter ID or that they must overcome racial […]


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