Ideological Polarization Survey

     The ideological polarization in the nation has reached a fevered pitch.  I’ve touched on the subject in recent posts (Checks and Balances: The Beauty of the Constitution, Constitutional overreach and the nanny state).  The divide has much to do with wedge issues: abortion, immigration, gay marriage, gun rights, etc.  I tend to fall on the conservative side of most of these issues, but I also realize that there are those whose ideological beliefs are opposite to mine.  Politically, these issues have been used to great advantage by the Democrats who dress the issues as “rights” and suggest that conservative candidates seek to take away those rights.  I believe this tactic should be made moot by conservative candidates who would acknowledge the difference of opinion and seek the common ground.  The common ground does not have to compromise the conservative values, but would take into account that forcing one’s convictions on another can do more harm than good.  This week’s “what do you think Wednesdays” survey asks whether there is support for such political candidates.


1) Do you believe a difference of opinion on issues of abortion, immigration, gay marriage, and gun control can coexist - that it doesn’t have to be one way or the other?

2) Would you support a candidate who accepted the fact that there are people who support abortion, gay marriage, amnesty, gun control, etc., but who would find common ground to legislate these issues.

3) Is there common ground on these issues?

4) Does a conservative politician have to rigidly legislate conservative values without listening to differing opinion?


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