Opposition to Gay Marriage is not About Hate

HoldingHandsA recent article pointed out that the Indiana GOP voted to keep traditional marriage language in the party platform. As I read through the article, and in particular the comments, it appears the Republican view of gay marriage is about garnering votes while Democrats believe the rhetoric that paints opponents of gay marriage as hate filled loons. Well, the former is straight up pandering. In the same token, hatred is used as an emotional whip to rally the Democratic base. Ignoring that political posturing, the issue more appropriately should be characterized as a disagreement among two groups, Christians and LGBT. Christians don’t hate the LGBT community, they disagree that the definition of marriage should include same sex unions.

Christians have enjoyed a tradition of marriage based on Biblical teaching and religious faith. Despite the language of the chosen passage, the bible defines marriage as one man and one women. Christians responded with opposition when the same sex marriage debate came to the fore. That is not hatred or wrong. That is a rational response to a generational belief based on their religious values. The problem is that laws and protections are intertwined in the sanctity of marriage.

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