Kneejerk Reaction to the “Blind and Stupid” Second Amendment

Geraldo Rivera’s moustache and coiffed hair staged a coup d’état with the functioning remnants of his brain. His kneejerk bloviating has hijacked the words that come out of his mouth. Let us read those profound words:

Like I’ve always said, the Second Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid. In its relentless pimping for the gun industry, the NRA has unleashed an avalanche of deadly weapons on this gun-crazy country. Just as [it] protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children.

A question for Mr. Rivera: is it blind and stupid like the First Amendment or like the knee jerk reactions of liberty sucking control freaks?

The founders of this country were adamant about protecting liberty. Having just broken the shackles of the crown, they enshrined our liberties in the Bill of Rights, the First through Tenth Amendments. These Amendments afford each of us certain freedoms. How we express that freedom is up to us, hence liberty, freedom, individual choice!

Geraldo’s comments come on the heels of a firearms instructor’s accidental death at the hands of a nine-year old, to whom he was providing instruction. The instructor’s death was not due to the Second Amendment, but rather how he chose to express his right to bear arms. He could have expressed his freedom to bear arms by simply owning and caring a firearm. Instead, he applied his knowledge of firearms and sought to teach their safe use to others. Now, you can argue all day long whether the instructor was acting stupidly by doing so, but the Second Amendment stands above reproach because it serves as the legal framework protecting the right to bear arms, not the action or expression thereof. This appears to be lost on those calling for the kneejerk reaction to eliminate liberties based on the perceived poor choices of an individual.

Is the Second Amendment any blinder or stupider than the First Amendment? Kneejerk reaction has led to bans on free speech. We have banned books for their offense to a racial group. We have targeted groups for dissenting with the presiding political party. We have banned the inciting rhetoric of a religious majority but are afraid to ban that of a minority. Since we enjoy banning so much speech should we just eliminate the First Amendment because sometimes people say offensive things? After all, in the same way it protects the media and press, it also protects racists, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, religions, and yes, jihadists. Certainly, banning free speech would be the kneejerk reaction to reign in the avalanche of offensive speech that has been unleashed by the First Amendment.

All too often, meddling control freaks use kneejerk reaction to impose their vision of what is right for all. Get a skinned knee riding your bike and everyone must wear a helmet. Drink too much soda and everyone can only order a Dixie cup. Kneejerk reactions, like those, inoculate individuals from the reality of life under the guise that “even if it saves just one life,” then it is worth taking liberty from everyone else. If a ban is necessary to save a life, then why haven’t they banned toasters, cars, medications, furnaces, corners on tables, and on and on and on, because an accidental death could be caused by any of these. Legislating by kneejerk reaction exemplifies a mentality of superiority over the victim. Preventing individual choice on the grounds that the individual is not capable, lest they become a victim.

Why does our first reaction always involve a ban? Kneejerk reactions are blind and stupid, not the Second Amendment. Kneejerk reactions take away our liberty and freedom, one ban at a time.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you then I haven’t tried hard enough.


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    I stopped liking him ever since he gave away the location of a unit that he was imbedded with in 2003 in Iraq and they were attacked.