This election cycle: Democratic message of success for blacks

These midterm elections have often seen conservatives grappling with whether they should adjust their message for blacks. Adjusting their message to be more pandering like the Democratic message to blacks, which suggests that they are incapable of overcoming directional deficiencies to find their way to obtain a voter ID or that they must overcome racial injustice every day. Not many point out the negative connotations of such liberal positions relating to black success.

Have you ever thought about what lifts a person up, what creates a successful person, what drives people to success? There is plenty of information on this topic. Everyone wants to be successful and lift themselves out of poverty, get out of debt, or enjoy more freedoms. More importantly, there is a science to success because it boils down to the psychology success. It has been studied, quantified, packaged, and sold, from Dale Carnegie to Tony Robbins.

I was investigating the science of success this week and it struck me. No matter who is teaching success and providing the pathway to success, there is an underlying set of rules that govern. Success is defined by the individual, which should show measured improvement over time. The individual must accept the responsibility for their success by setting goals, working hard to achieve them, be willing to accept feedback, adjust based on that feedback, and reset their goals when achieved. It is goal setting 101, but it also dependent on one’s self-esteem.

Politically Constipated’s coverage of political correctness has mirrored the assertion that liberals “divide Americans into supposed victimized voting blocs and pander to each group for political exploitation.” This liberal mindset has significant relevance to the approach of promoting a pathway to success among blacks. Primarily, the race baiters have made a living selling a narrative that the black community has been deprived of a pathway to success. They redirect blame, they diminish personal responsibility, and they deprive purpose. All of which are pillars to establishing self-esteem and form the foundation of success.

If the black community continues to follow the Democratic antithesis of success, they will never prosper beyond the welfare enslavement they are provided in return for a vote. The message is designed to tear down the individual’s self-esteem and desire to succeed for their own sake.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.



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