American polarization: Ferguson and the great divide

The tumultuous response to the Ferguson, MO Grand Jury verdict in Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown is a glaring example of the huge divide in America. Not only within the political spectrum, but within all juxtaposed groups the divide in American polarization is drifting apart, farther than the Grand Canyon. The difference of opinion is manufactured, becoming more combative, and does not appear open to reason.

Images out of Ferguson immediately following the verdict show rioting, burning, and mayhem with gun shots ringing out. Reports suggest that much of the destruction and rioting was perpetrated by external players and that the so-called peaceful protests were community insiders. However, you cannot ignore the family reaction with Brown’s stepfather jumping on the roof of a car shooting “BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!” This could be the product of outside incitement but more likely it is the divisive narrative being sold by the race baiters purporting everyone against the black community. In this case, the perception that the police are deliberately targeting the black community.

The result is commentators on the side of the Brown family opining that the police must in effect cease and desist. The chorus of opinion sounded like a call for police no go zones, or at the very least no action zones. One opinion went as far as to suggest that Officer Wilson should have extricated himself from the situation, that he should have fled the scene and avoided confrontation. In a civilian self-defense case, this may be the alternative to deadly confrontation. However, police officers are our representatives of the law and thus maintain the peace by apprehending law breakers – make no mistake, Brown broke the law by stealing from the store and assaulting the clerk.

The justice that was being called for, rioted for, looted for, and destroyed property for, would send a clear signal that police engagement of criminals is not tolerated in the black community and effectually would set up lawless no go zones. Is that what the black community wants? Do they want the community to be ruled by thugs and bullies? Because, that is where the logic is taking us.

The conversation that is being sold is not the one that we should be having. We shouldn’t be debating ways to diminish the law enforcement presence in the community. We should be debating ways to diminish the criminal behavior before it escalates to a shooting death. Alas, that would require a stern look in the mirror and starting with oneself rather than blaming everyone else.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you then I haven’t tried hard enough.


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