Burying our heads in the sands of politically correct tolerance

Political correctness teaches us not to offend the sensitivities of others. Do not offend! The underlying mantra that masquerades under the guise of tolerance. Unfortunately, tolerance is abused and used to divert attention from the real issues at hand, whether they be racial or ideological. Attempting to focus on the issues, and questioning the intention of politically correct tolerance is met with militant opposition. It is better to bury one’s head in the sand than to speak out.

Two current events have shown the folly of burying our heads in the sands of politically correct tolerance. The assassinations of the two NYPD police officers and the French terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo. In both cases, the politically correct solution has diverted attention from the real issues and ended in tragedy.

In Ferguson, MO, political correctness deflected anger outward towards the police and away from internal reflection within the black community. There was no reflection on the downward spiral of a young black man who was swayed by petty larceny and thuggery, and felt his ill-fated entitlement to lash out at the police was appropriate behavior. Why? Because, political correctness abdicates responsibility by dissuading a conversation of the hard issues that plague the black community. The issues haven’t changed over the last 50 years, but the conversation has changed from the common sense “how do we help them” to avoidance by “what do we give them?”

In Paris, France, political correctness prevents us from identifying the threat posed by radical Islam by repeating the refrain of “Islam is a religion of peace.” There is a separation between Muslims and radical Islamists, who have an ideology of hate. Their terror in the West is coordinated and not the result of lone-wolf, disenfranchised fringe players – time and again we see a travel and training link. Again, political correctness avoids confronting the real issue of terrorism in favor of the perceived risk of offending the larger Muslim population in general.

While these two events are wildly dissimilar, they have an underlying thread of commonality. They both tolerate not the race or religion but the inappropriate acts committed because of a weakness to confront the real issues. Political correctness avoids confronting the disparity in black communities and instead placates them with platitudes. Political correctness avoids confronting Islamic terrorism and passes off a coordinated ideology as a lone-wolf lunatic fringe. In both cases, the results of continually burying our heads in the sands of politically correct tolerance is tragedy.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you then I haven’t tried hard enough.



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