The enemy of the left is not radical Islam

The left finds it easy to define and label Christians, members of the military, and conservatives, yet it is so difficult for them to define the threat from radical Islam? Saul Alinsky’s rules would have one demean and marginalize a threat. However, these rules are wielded against ideological threats. Given past and current commentary, it is obvious that the enemy of the left is not the existential threat most of us think it to be. Who then is the enemy?

The left’s actions signal that Christians, armed service members, and conservatives are their enemy despite the growing threat of Islamic radicalism. We have heard Christians are white middle-class fanatics who “cling to their guns and religion,” and conservatives are old white tea partiers. Recently, we were educated on how members of our armed services are “cowardly” “racists” who are the cause of Islamic radicalism and aggression. Even the President concludes that the Christian Crusades were equivalent to the ISIS atrocities.

While this attack on traditional America aids and abets the real enemy of the West, it takes direct aim at the enemy in the eyes of the left. The left wishes to marginalize conservatives after their political gains in the House, Senate, and Gubernatorial mansions across the country. With political power waning and growing policy failures, the military and Christians, being conservative strongholds, are the focus of their rhetorical attacks. Tellingly, the left resorts to aspersions of racism via Islamophobia.

The crutch and last resort of the left is political correctness. Wanting to define terrorists observing a radical view of Islam and prevent the further spread of their barbarism makes Conservatives, Christians, and the military racists. Political correctness paralyzes the ability to define the real threat of radical Islam, but effectively marginalizes the conservatives as racist thugs only willing to lump all Muslims into the terrorist pot. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but the left uses victimization and blames conservatives for Muslim anger towards the West.

The blind eye of this kind of political correctness emboldens those radical Islamists and will have ominous consequences as the left fights the threat of conservatism rather than the beheading knife of radical Islam.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.



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