Reading between the lines: Echoes of the progressive agenda in Radical Islam

President Obama’s stance towards Christians is no secret. The actions of this Administration are hostile towards Christianity, from the Affordable Care Act to handling the persecution of Christians in Arab countries. President Obama hit the exacta on a politically correct blunder with comments that double down on his belief that the existential threat from radical Islam is no greater than random events of violence and Christians should not condemn their acts since Christianity has a blemished past.

Governor Jindal summed up the reality overlooked by President Obama, “Today, however, the issue right in front of his nose, in the here and now, is the terrorism of radical Islam, the assassination of journalists, the beheading and burning alive of captives. We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the radical Islamic threat today.

Reading between the lines of the telepromted statements made by President Obama, one can only conclude that this Administration does not want to call the terrorist threat what it is or confront it. Moreover, they prefer the politically correct option not to criticize the extreme branch of the religion of Islam. The Administration’s classification of the kosher deli as a random event or act of violence is nothing more than equating it to a gun control issue akin to random acts such as Aurora, CO and Newtown, CT. President Obama is vacuously trying to cling to the grand vision of his Arab apology tour … make the Arab world like us.

The Administration is doing everything in its flaccid power to classify radical Islam as anything but terrorism. Eerily, there’s an underlying tone that appears to echo the progressive agenda like a broken record. Terrorism is a manmade disaster like man is responsible for global warming. The terrorist assault on other religions is a random act of violence like those acts at the heart of the gun control debate. Perhaps Sharia’s stance on the role of women, adultery, and genital mutilation is not a far cry from the progressive view of abortion.

By all other measures, this President is providing the cover of victimization and blaming Christians and conservatives. He has played down the heinous acts of ISIS and radical Islam, by ignorantly pointing out that Christians are no better than these barbarians with his crusade parallels.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.


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