Drop and Run: The politically correct policing policy

Two more police officers have become victims of an assassination attempt fueled by the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. While the outcome differed from the two NYPD offices gunned down in their squad car, the sentiment behind the act was similar. Among police, there is a nation-wide plot to actively target black males. That conspiracy has become the focus of the national debate with a blind eye turned toward belligerent behavior aimed at authority.

The analysis has not changed since the aftermath of the NYPD officer assassinations in January:

“The politically correct solution has diverted attention from the real issues. There is a tolerance of the inappropriate acts committed because of a weakness to confront the real issues. Political correctness avoids confronting the disparity in black communities and instead placate them with platitudes. The results of continually burying our heads in the sands of politically correct tolerance is tragedy.”

Only a few days before the shooting of the two police officers in Ferguson, MO, liberal talk radio was again advocating for a “drop and run” police policy, rather than “stop and frisk” – the later obsoleted after being roundly criticized by the left as racial profiling. The drop and run policy suggests that police officers should run away if they are confronted by an aggressor in the course of enforcing the law.

Drop and run is an utterly asinine proposition. Who will be left to uphold the law? You guessed it, vigilante justice within the community. Or, more likely from outside the community by those who will not stand for the migration of belligerent behavior into their lives. Perhaps a forced means to illustrate just how racist those outside the community really are. In their next breath, drop and run advocators bemoan the Second Amendment and call for gun control. If the police are directed to drop and run, do we expect the citizens to also be passive and allow thugs to run rampant? A drop and run policy will embolden the criminal element in society and escalate those confrontations among citizens that were once handled by the police. Inevitably, gun violence may be expected to rise. Again, perhaps a forced means to illustrate the need for gun control.

Drop and run appears aimed at quelling nothing. Contrary, it seems more likely to stoke anarchy and is another mechanism to tolerate inappropriate acts because of a growing weakness to confront the real issues.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you then I haven’t tried hard enough.



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