More American polarization: Baltimore burns

You say you’re angry and frustrated. You feel profiled, targeted, locked up, persecuted, and exterminated. On the streets in Baltimore and other cities you believe the police are attacking you, but the larger perspective is that white America wishes to perpetrate a racial genocide of the black man.

Community leaders continue to frame the issue racially so that individuals believe the race war as fact. Socioeconomic issues are also thrown in this mashup. The message is so purposefully conflated among the several issues confronting the black community that the man on the street doesn’t know why he is angry, protesting, or looting. He just is, and the anger has been stoked to the boiling point with impromptu protests turning into riots and looting.

The protesters say they are angry at the police. Community leaders and politicians say it is a racial and socioeconomic issue.

Anger at the police seems misdirected and racially charged. The belief on the street is that white cops are targeting black males. A study by Drs. Klinger and Rosenfeld, which delved into “the race of the officers who fired their weapons,” suggested that “firing at a black suspect was an equal opportunity decision.” Others statistics show that the numbers of black males shot does not out pace those police shootings involving white males. While inaccuracies do exist, the statistics do not yield a picture that outright supports that black men are being disproportionately killed by the police, and in particular by white officers.

There is definitely nothing to support the notion that all whites are out to exterminate blacks, as one blogger believes. Yet this sentiment must come from somewhere. Community leaders who stoke the anger and incite the racial animus are culpable.

Instead, the anger should be directed towards the power brokers and protests should be outside the Mayor’s office in City Hall. Why protest within the community having the grievance – the same communities that end up ransacked and further alienated. This shows that the person on the street has no idea why or what they are protesting. If they did, they would protest and demand the attention of those they have the grievance with, not burn down their own community. That’s just ignorant.

The Mayor is the one who dictates the police rules of engagement. The Mayor and City Council direct the enforcement of the monetary city ordinances, for which the police must harangue those on the street. The city and community leaders are the ones giving the black community antagonistic advice – often a councilmember’s call to burn the city down when they don’t get what they want. The sad part is, only the black community will suffer if they do burn down one of these decaying cities. The city’s political and community leaders get off scot-free.

The city governance and community leaders have been in bed with each other, enriching themselves, at the expense of the black community, yet have run these cities into the ground over the last 30-50 years and taken you along for the crash. Look at the shambles of the major cities across the country: Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, etc. To turn attention away from their failed policies, they throw the police under the bus and tell you “the man” is keeping you down. I’m sorry, but that is a load of crap. Protest those that are perpetuating the situation you are in, not the white race in general. To do otherwise is neglecting personal responsibility and I, for one, am sick of it.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you then I haven’t tried hard enough.



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