He most certainly is not a terrorist

I’ve woken up in bizarro world and it’s devoid of critical thought. Horrible acts have been committed within the homeland over the last several years, and yes they do need to be defined in order to address and correct the root cause. Unfortunately, it took the act of a nutbag racist to define what President Obama’s Administration has refused to define … the terrorist threat facing the nation!

Last week, Dylann Roof killed nine at the Emanuel AME church, in South Carolina. It quickly became evident that this young man was a racist with aspirations of white supremacy after a quick review of his posts, comments, and writing. But, it was this Administration’s keepers, the left wing media, that used these ramblings to justify the terrorist label (here, here, here). Any critical thought was thrown out the window when Bill O’Reilly picked up on this theme.

I can’t help the belief that there is a more sinister reason the left media leap at the chance to characterize this event as a terrorist act. First, attempts to stoke racial tensions between the police and black community has not resonated well in light of the facts. Second, it provides cover from the constant drumbeat from the right calling for the Administration to define the enemy in the war on terror.

To call Dylann Roof a terrorist leaves one scratching their head and again wondering why Major Hassan Nadal and Alton Nolen were not labeled terrorists. Heck, the crimes of the latter two weren’t even considered hate crimes. They were work place violence. Imagine the uproar if Roof’s killings were considered worship place violence.

The reason there has to be a definition of terrorist, not simply predicated on an ability to instill fear or terrorize, is because we have enacted laws specifically to target the external networks and finances of those foreign factions actively plotting to do harm to Americans at home and abroad.

Labeling Dylan Roof as a terrorist does two things. The left media is deceiving the apathetic by supplanting the notion that conservative whites are terrorizing blacks – galvanizing the black base which could sway with no liberal black candidate insight – Hillary is no America’s first black female president. Not only are white conservatives racist, but they are actively conspiring to terrorize the black community. The label also shifts focus and muddies the perception of the terrorist threat that this nation faces. It does what the Administration has avoided doing and manipulated conservative outlets into supporting a definition of the face of terrorism. Now, that face is not the Islamic jihadist but a lunatic shooter.

By proxy, the face of a terrorist is a lunatic shooting up a theatre or a school full of children. Guess who else is a terrorist? Any white lawful gun owner. With artful manipulation, Second Amendment rights and terrorism are linked. I’m disappointed that any conservative outlet failed to give this any critical thought by agreeing with the notion that Dylann Roof is a terrorist.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.


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