PC History

A Brief History of Political Correctness:

Political Correctness has been exposed for its repression of freedom and liberty.  The repression arises from the subjugation of free persons to a restricting flow of productive activity or creativity, typically at the behest of political or ideological motivations.  At its root, political correctness seeks to criticize traditional Western culture (without establishing an alternative) and repress the individual in thought and expression.  This is done by making capitalism the common enemy of a populace divided into small groups of offended (repressed) peoples.  If capitalism cannot serve as the enemy, these groups are also encouraged to be in a perpetual cycle of offense with each other.  The goal here is to erode traditional values – values that are just and which have been the bedrock of this country since the founding through the mid twentieth century – and transform Western culture into the alternative that PC zealots will not define.

What might that cultural transformation entail?  The theory behind political correctness is traced to the establishment of cultural Marxism within the Institute of Social Research (Frankfurt School) in the 1930’s.  The rationale behind Marxism was a socioeconomic based revolution staged by the working class in response to the perceived antagonism of the owning class (this occurred and failed in the former Soviet Union).  The new cultural Marxism also seeks a revolution (transformation) by the repressed, but into what is not known.  What is known is the transformation must be totalitarian in nature.  The transformation must be forced though control of thought and expression.  One, whom is weary of what they say, and by extension think, is devoid of freedom and liberty.  Politically correct expression is that yoke.

This site will not just provide analysis of current events that are deemed in violation of established politically correct norms, but also on political factors that are shaping and infringing our liberties in other subtle ways.  In providing this analysis, the author seeks to offend as many as possible, otherwise he has not done his job.

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