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About Politically Constipated:

Have you ever thought political correctness has run amok?  That government has become overly burdensome?  Too many redundant laws?  Agencies and regulations growing by the minute?  You’re not alone!  All of these congest individual freedom and liberty.

Politically constipated is a social commentary site with a bent towards the political arena.  As such, this website is devoted to two things: 1) as the acronym implies, this site is devoted to political correctness run amok; and 2) as constipated implies a restriction or blockage, so too is this website devoted to the blockage that is the politics (federal, state, and local) in this nation.  In both cases, there is an intended or unintended effect on our freedoms.

1 – Historical review of political correctness shows the antagonistic use of Marxist philosophy to erode traditional values and marginalize the majority by creating offended subclasses of minor groups, which serves to perpetuate class warfare, gender warfare, race warfare, and facial piercing bolt through the tongue warfare.  Well, that last one was made up, but you get the picture that political correctness creates a diversity of classes (a new caste system) fighting for terminology equality to make a feigned sensitivity less offensive to other perceived like-minded subclass cohorts.  Whew!  Do you see how painfully circular and mentally draining political correctness is?  Or, should I have used mentally pouring there?  Damn!  It’s giving me a headache.  Ultimately, PC is an indirect behavioral control, of which the result is repression of our liberties and free expression.

2 – The politics engulfing this nation has created an extremely divisive environment and does nothing to solve real problems, but rather creates more and redundant problems.  As such, there are political factors infringing our liberties in subtle ways akin to PC.  We often hear the term “the new normal” to define this changing political landscape.  Perhaps we should coin a new term, “political normalness” (PN) – pee’en – to give it a quaint and unassuming charm.  Used in a sentence: The good Senator’s bill restricting our liberties is an example of his PN on us.  Basically, “the new normal” is political slight of hand.  Like the magician distracting you while making a coin disappear.  Except the distraction is a new “PN rule” and the disappearing coin is our liberties.  PN may be legislation, regulation, or executive order at all levels of government that is meant to directly control an individual’s actions.  Be very weary of a politician professing that anything is the new normal!

Politically Constipated comments on liberty restricting “politically constipated” current events involving either type of excrement.  Pretty much everything going on in government these days is constipated.