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My take on the news headlines and opinion, relating to topics on political correctness, government infringement of liberties, and all the other BS that comes out of government at all levels

Lesbian Mayor Of Texas Town Rules That All Bathrooms Now Unisex


The Houston, TX mayor has apparently issued the edict that all public bathrooms are now unisex. In the ensuing debate among the comments, a commenter praised the decision as alleviating the anxiety of LGBT persons, yet this comes with increased discomfort for heterosexual users. “The change is great news because not every person fits on […]


La Raza Leader Says Chants of “USA! USA!” Made Her Sick


It’s no secret there are immigrant activists that are seeking amnesty for illegal immigrants. La Raza is highly vocal in their position. While these activist groups may consist of legal immigrants, they snub their nose at the legal US immigration process. The same process they presumably underwent. In my humble opinion, that does not say much […]


Lib Mag Guardian: Thomas the Tank Engine is Racist Because Good Engines Pump White Smoke and Evil Trains Black Smoke


Young children learn shapes and colors with visual associations and the verbal cues parents give them. Shapes and colors are tangible and children can discern their differences whether or not they are told which is which. Good and bad are abstract ideas that a child would not be able to discern by sight, touch, or […]


‘Valedictorian’ Title Could Soon Be History in Pasco County, Fla.


No one wants to upset their child, have them feel inferior, be unsuccessful, or have any hardship. It is a parent’s job to protect their child. However, being the helicopter parent hovering over the child, ready to protect any and all hardships, is not protection at all. This bubble creates a fragile child ill-equipped to […]


BBC Ban The Use of The Word ‘Girl’, But Is It A Sexist Term?


The BBC’s ban of the word “girl” has become the latest politically correct “it” word. It also became the topic of debate questioning whether it should be banned, which caused quite a stir. So much so, we now have to ask ourselves whether the word girl is sexist and derogatory. Are some so sensitive that […]


Dismantling the House of Cantor


A huge upset in the Virginia republican primary.  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost the Republican primary race in Virginia to what Brit Hume considered a talk radio backed Dave Brat – backed by Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter.  This is a blow to the Republican establishment. Politically Constipated had considered Kentucky Senate […]


You’ll Never Guess Why This Fish’s Name Is Considered “Hurtful” and “Offensive”


Minnesota’s state legislature passed a bill this past week, which I would consider one of the most egregious forms of political correctness. Political correctness in most cases is a subtle nudge to change speech and thought over time. This bill is an example of an activist searching for an offense in need of a politically […]


Massachusetts: 19 immigrant-rights activists arrested at Suffolk jail


     I have a novel idea to curb government deportations.  Deport yourselves.  Just because conservatives actually want to follow the law and play by the rules does not make them any less compassionate than liberals, who think flaunting the law is compassion.  That makes none of us safer.  We have criminals coming across the border […]


Why Republicans Need the Tea Party


     David Horowitz, thanks for being a big fish and articulating what us little fish having been saying and thinking for months.  In the heightening 2014 election season, Mr. Horowitz establishes the reasoning for why the Republican establishment should reach out from its comfort zone to embrace the Tea Party.  Mr. Horowitz sees the backdrop […]


Covering the Screen in Blood


     The National Rifle Association addresses the comments and upcoming film produced by Harvey Weinstein in their latest issue of America’s 1st Freedom.  Those following the issue of gun control have heard or read Harvey Weinstein’s comments suggesting his upcoming movie, “The Senator’s Wife,” will change the face of the 2nd Amendment.  In response, the […]