features content related to constitutional issues and legislative actions:
Constitution - content includes the infringement of liberty and freedom through an errosion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Legislative - content includes governmental inefficiency/redundancy (aka constipation) in laws, regulations, and executive orders infringing on individual liberty and freedom.

Success is a dirty word, to progressives


Elizabeth Warren’s recent speech to set the waypoints for the progressive way forward reminds me of another journey she took us on. That journey is worth revisiting to remind us of her singular vision of progressivism, devoid of the 11 point window dressing. As journeys are a metaphor for life, the road is often bumpy […]


Celebrating Mediocrity with the $15 Minimum Wage Hike


The year 2014 is shaping up to be the year of the $15 minimum wage. Fast food workers have continued picketing for increased wages, President Obama again asked for a wage hike in his state of the union address, and a major city is poised to implement a city-wide $15 wage ordinance. While I appreciate […]


Checks and Balances: The Beauty of the Constitution


     Ideological polarization in the nation is at an all-time high.  So much so, it is palpable.  Anticipating the human nature that we are currently seeing, the prescience of the founding fathers resulted in their brilliant crafting of the Constitution.  Preventing the ideological polarization is the implementation of the checks and balances among the three […]


Propagandalism: Liberal Journalism in the Age of Obama


     The propagandists in the mainstream media have gone over the top covering Governor Christie’s so-called bridgegate while parroting the Obama Administration’s line on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS.    While I don’t want to inflate Bill Maher’s ego, we need a “New Rule.”  Stop the propagandalism!  Liberal or conservative media, if your party’s […]


The Harvey Weinstein Hypocrisy


     Forget about the hypocrisy of the Harvey Weinstein ilk.  It is clear to them that guns kill people just like spoons make people fat, cars make people speed, my pants make my ass look big, and Facebook bullies teens.       Forget that it is clearly acceptable to tote around the Newtown victims’ families for […]


The Battle for Religious Freedom Beyond the Year 2013


     The past year, 2013, saw the continued attack on religious freedom stretching the entire year, not just around the yuletide season.  Actually, it was a further attack on Christian freedom.  Christianity saw the usual Christmas time bans on school carols and atheist billboards, but also saw a year-long battle in the military.  Legal actions […]


Liberty Under the Affordable Care Act and Legal Challenges to Overturn


     The economic toll of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been drilled into our psyche over the past three years.  Notwithstanding the quasi-legal single party seizure of one sixth of the nation’s economy, the hidden impact is the toll on our liberty.  An infringement on our liberty that has not been greater since, well, […]


Lessons from the Affordable Care Act and the Virginia Governor’s Race


     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the “law of the land.”  There’s no going back.  The Obama Administration made this point perfectly clear last month with the shutdown battle.  Despite the Virginian Republican gubernatorial candidate’s boost from the disastrous roll out of the ACA, he still lost.  What lessons can conservatives learn?      First, […]


If I’m ever in a hostage situation, don’t send a Republican to negotiate my release!


     I am mad, flaming mad!  Question: how is it that you run a negotiation so poorly that you end up with less than you started?  Answer: A) you’re the Republican Party; B) you are backed by conservative pundits, talking heads, and media personalities that do a better job rallying for the opposition and running […]


How much did the SHUTDOWN signs cost and how long did it take to print them?


     All the legislative wrangling and finger pointing is overshadowing the darker behind-the- scenes machinations of this government shutdown, or slimdown, or whatever dumb name you want to throw at it.  At the onset of the government shut down last Tuesday, government SHUTDOWN signs began appearing.  Immediately, they started popping up around DC at the WWII Memorial  […]