Content includes governmental inefficiency/redundancy (aka constipation) in laws, regulations, and executive orders infringing on individual liberty and freedom.

Celebrating Mediocrity with the $15 Minimum Wage Hike


The year 2014 is shaping up to be the year of the $15 minimum wage. Fast food workers have continued picketing for increased wages, President Obama again asked for a wage hike in his state of the union address, and a major city is poised to implement a city-wide $15 wage ordinance. While I appreciate […]


The Harvey Weinstein Hypocrisy


     Forget about the hypocrisy of the Harvey Weinstein ilk.  It is clear to them that guns kill people just like spoons make people fat, cars make people speed, my pants make my ass look big, and Facebook bullies teens.       Forget that it is clearly acceptable to tote around the Newtown victims’ families for […]


Lessons from the Affordable Care Act and the Virginia Governor’s Race


     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the “law of the land.”  There’s no going back.  The Obama Administration made this point perfectly clear last month with the shutdown battle.  Despite the Virginian Republican gubernatorial candidate’s boost from the disastrous roll out of the ACA, he still lost.  What lessons can conservatives learn?      First, […]


Obama’s response to Syria moves GOP pawns to set up a 2014 checkmate


     If the republicans haven’t figured it by now after 4 ½ years of an Obama presidency, then they should just concede the 2014 elections right this instant.  Every action that President Obama takes is a purely political move.  He is moving his chess pieces around to get the victory that he wants and when […]


Two cases, two opinions: Caught between gay marriage and the Constitution


Many say that because the Constitution was written centuries ago, it, or the interpretation of it, has to change to suit the modern-day (the so-called living document doctrine).  The Supreme Court gay marriage ruling is a testament that it does not!  Gay rights activists are celebrating the June 26, 2013 ruling and claiming the fairness […]


Gun control 2.0 – Newtown, don’t be used again


President Obama’s gun control 2.0 is coming to theaters and schools near you.  This remake stars billionaire Michael Bloomberg and features the families of the Newtown, CT tragedy.  A second wave of gun control activism is welling up and the Newtown families are making another appearance on Capital Hill.  Does nobody see the hypocrisy of […]


Have labor unions jumped the shark?


In a word, yes! In a changing legislative landscape, vis-à-vis the latest blows from Wisconsin and Michigan legislative actions, unions can expect further declines that have precipitated since the 1950’s – see also the Bureau of Labor Statistics 1983-2012 data in figure below.  The decline may be attributed to a change in focus, from that […]


Guns, guns, guns everywhere!

Guns Displayed

It is high noon. The duelers are facing off and ready to draw!  The first round of gun legislation has been recently knocked down, but the rhetoric is heating up.  Why is it good that the gun legislation has been defeated? Currently, the country is not thinking straight, we are in mourning and need time […]