Content includes political correctness based on race, gender, culture, or sexual orientation.

Losing America


America as we traditionally view it, and as the founders envisioned it, is all but dead! The concepts of “one nation” and “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) is silently vanishing. And, speak of the American melting pot is now the politically correct defense for protected class segregation. The melting pot analogy worked when […]


Opposition to Gay Marriage is not About Hate


A recent article pointed out that the Indiana GOP voted to keep traditional marriage language in the party platform. As I read through the article, and in particular the comments, it appears the Republican view of gay marriage is about garnering votes while Democrats believe the rhetoric that paints opponents of gay marriage as hate […]


Black “leaders” reject successful black conservatives


     As black conservatives, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are well aware of the racial tolerance double standard adopted by liberal progressives.  Ironically, there are black leaders who promote this hypocrisy and have accepted the liberal progressive intolerance of black conservatives.  North Carolina NAACP President Reverend William Barber II referred […]


Is Dora the Explorer a Racist?


About a week ago my son was watching TV and I happened to glance at the TV.  Dora the Explorer (episode: We’re a Team) was on and I heard Dora ask, “who is the best at vine swinging?”  As she repeated this question three times, you see her monkey friend popping up in the background […]


Polarizer-in-Chief: A race-relations failure


Race-relations in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict has seen a strongly polarized response.  Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have weighed in on the verdict, as have other clergypersons.  Politicians big and small have also commented.  Most notably was President Obama. The injection of politicians into such nuanced matters is quite difficult to maintain neutrality.  Invariably, it […]


Two cases, two opinions: Caught between gay marriage and the Constitution


Many say that because the Constitution was written centuries ago, it, or the interpretation of it, has to change to suit the modern-day (the so-called living document doctrine).  The Supreme Court gay marriage ruling is a testament that it does not!  Gay rights activists are celebrating the June 26, 2013 ruling and claiming the fairness […]