Hate is hate, and a crime is only a hate crime if it’s politically correct


America witnessed a brutal Islamic inspired beheading this past week. A second, but separate, suspect was arrested for threatening to behead a coworker. The two men self-identified as Muslim, and the latter went so far as claiming to be an agent of ISIS. Both men issued statements that exhibited a religious and racial hatred. Both […]


Black “leaders” reject successful black conservatives


     As black conservatives, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas are well aware of the racial tolerance double standard adopted by liberal progressives.  Ironically, there are black leaders who promote this hypocrisy and have accepted the liberal progressive intolerance of black conservatives.  North Carolina NAACP President Reverend William Barber II referred […]


Lessons from the Affordable Care Act and the Virginia Governor’s Race


     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the “law of the land.”  There’s no going back.  The Obama Administration made this point perfectly clear last month with the shutdown battle.  Despite the Virginian Republican gubernatorial candidate’s boost from the disastrous roll out of the ACA, he still lost.  What lessons can conservatives learn?      First, […]


Political Correctness is a Killer


     Political correctness is a literary technique used to remove offensive language.  The offense is removed by using happy, positive, and optimistic words and phrases to replace those which have become negatively perceived – “handicapable” versus “handicapped, for instance.  The effect is that it then removes personal responsibility and inhibition from ones actions.  A responsibility […]