Religious Freedom

Content includes political correctness based on freedom of religion, separation of church and state, etc.

Opposition to Gay Marriage is not About Hate


A recent article pointed out that the Indiana GOP voted to keep traditional marriage language in the party platform. As I read through the article, and in particular the comments, it appears the Republican view of gay marriage is about garnering votes while Democrats believe the rhetoric that paints opponents of gay marriage as hate […]


The Battle for Religious Freedom Beyond the Year 2013


     The past year, 2013, saw the continued attack on religious freedom stretching the entire year, not just around the yuletide season.  Actually, it was a further attack on Christian freedom.  Christianity saw the usual Christmas time bans on school carols and atheist billboards, but also saw a year-long battle in the military.  Legal actions […]


It’s time to reinstate the draft

Army Chaplain Cross

A week, or so, ago a headline caught my eye that was about the Pentagon reviewing their religious tolerance rules, which could result in the court-martial of Christian service members.  As it goes, the source of the headline was due to Pentagon consultation with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s (MRFF) founder, Mikey Weinstein.  At first […]