This site may cause bloating, distension, abdominal pain, headaches, a feeling of fatigue and nervous exhaustion, or a sense of incomplete emptying.

After reading this site and either affirmative commenting, liking posts, subscribing to email lists, and purchasing merchandise (coming soon), you may experience a governmental rectal exam.

If you become offended during your visit to this website, please sign up for a complimentary IRS audit or subpoena of your phone records!

Please also use this site at your own risk of the above mentioned IRS audit and subpoena of your phone records.  Heck! If you even look at this website funny you may be subjected to the governmental rectal exam.



Fine print: these symptoms, exams, audits and subpoenas are purely in jest.  However, you may become offended.  That is the point because political correctness is a hypersensitivity to anything and everything.  Get over it!