Losing America

America as we traditionally view it, and as the founders envisioned it, is all but dead! The concepts of “one nation” and “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) is silently vanishing. And, speak of the American melting pot is now the politically correct defense for protected class segregation. The melting pot analogy worked when the tired and huddled masses assimilated into the American fabric of yesteryear. Those masses shed their old world identities and assumed the American identity. Was it perfect? Perhaps not, but the concept built a nation that united and became … [Flush this ... to read more]

Hot off the Roll

He most certainly is not a terrorist


I’ve woken up in bizarro world and it’s devoid of critical thought. Horrible acts have been committed within the homeland over the last several years, and yes they do need to be defined in order to address and correct the root cause. Unfortunately, … [Flush this ... to read more]

News Dump

Lighter-skinned minorities are more likely to support Republicans

By Spencer Piston Many political analysts and media pundits argue that the Republican Party has a “race problem” when it comes to national elections. The logic is that Latinos and Asian Americans constitute the two fastest growing segments of the population, and they tend to vote Democratic, most notably in the 2008 and 2012 presidential […]


Another Perspective on Racial Violence in America

By Michael Hausam Bill Whittle and Truth Revolt state right up front that if Michael Brown was innocent and unjustly shot, that the police officer should be punished and jailed for life. The statistics and the discussion that follow have nothing to do with the particular as-yet-unknown facts of the case. Whittle believes that the […]


Nightmare on the border: ISIS and Mexican cartels teaming up

By Allen West Last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry said it is highly likely ISIS is already in the United States, crossing over our unsecured southern border. He’s not the only one. As reported by Breitbart, “Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker said that he believes there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS […]


You may be a progressive socialist if this doesn’t bother you

By Allen West When we sing “America the Beautiful” we are reminded of the magnificence of this great land, truly blessed by God in its grandeur. Just recently I flew out to Montrose, Colorado and the view from the flight from Denver was simply breathtaking. Last December we spent five days in Steamboat Springs and […]


Study Details Locations in Which ICE Freed Convicted Murderers

By NumbersUSA Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released information provided by ICE that documents the 2013 release of 169 aliens with homicide-related convictions. The Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the information and produced a map showing where they were booked out of detention facilities in 24 different states. (See here for interactive map.) ICE freed the […]


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MORE – From the Bowl

Arming the Syrian rebels – Part II: It’s not too late, just plain stupid


What a difference a year makes! Actually, nothing has changed. In June of last year, we were having the same discussion as we are now. Should we arm the Syrian rebels or not? The only difference is whether we label the Syrian rebels moderate, or not The first time around the issue was whether arms […]


Adrian Peterson, child abuse, discipline, and the knockout game


Adrian Peterson was disciplining his child? Consider the behavior of our children, and grandchildren, relative to prior generational up-bringing. The last 60 years has seen the transition to Dr. Spock’s liberal method of child rearing. The child rearing doctrine shifted away from stern tones and corporal punishments. Parents were coached to talk to, and treat, […]


American culture has been reduced to a reality series


Following the latest news cycle one would think the biggest issue facing the nation is Ray Rice’s domestic problems. Revisiting his casino elevator decking of his then fiancé dominated the news and eclipsed the President’s prime time speech. The only reason that this has any news worth is that it contains the elements of a […]


Kneejerk Reaction to the “Blind and Stupid” Second Amendment


Geraldo Rivera’s moustache and coiffed hair staged a coup d’état with the functioning remnants of his brain. His kneejerk bloviating has hijacked the words that come out of his mouth. Let us read those profound words: Like I’ve always said, the Second Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear […]


Don’t let the facts get in the way


It’s been a cringe worthy week in Ferguson MO. Following the shooting of a black teen by a local police office, Ferguson residents exploded into riots, vandalizing and looting their own community. In reaction, police amassed with military grade gear and armor. By mid-week the streets quieted, only to erupt in clashes and more looting […]


Lesbian Mayor Of Texas Town Rules That All Bathrooms Now Unisex


The Houston, TX mayor has apparently issued the edict that all public bathrooms are now unisex. In the ensuing debate among the comments, a commenter praised the decision as alleviating the anxiety of LGBT persons, yet this comes with increased discomfort for heterosexual users. “The change is great news because not every person fits on […]


La Raza Leader Says Chants of “USA! USA!” Made Her Sick


It’s no secret there are immigrant activists that are seeking amnesty for illegal immigrants. La Raza is highly vocal in their position. While these activist groups may consist of legal immigrants, they snub their nose at the legal US immigration process. The same process they presumably underwent. In my humble opinion, that does not say much […]


Lib Mag Guardian: Thomas the Tank Engine is Racist Because Good Engines Pump White Smoke and Evil Trains Black Smoke


Young children learn shapes and colors with visual associations and the verbal cues parents give them. Shapes and colors are tangible and children can discern their differences whether or not they are told which is which. Good and bad are abstract ideas that a child would not be able to discern by sight, touch, or […]


Occupation? What Israeli Occupation?

Israeli Artillary

The media consistently promotes the narrative that there is an Israeli occupation of Palestine. Israel has blockaded and occupied Palestinian territories for the last 40-60 years. I say bunk. This narrative is a recent phenomenon whereby the loser in a conflict retains all the rights of rule and territory as prior to the conflict. This […]


Compassionate Conservatism


Compassionate conservatism became a joke in the wake of the Bush administration adopting the slogan. At every chance, liberals mocked the term and pointed to conservative viewpoints on immigration, health care, women’s health, education, etc. From the outside looking in – armed with misinformation and outright lies – liberals paint a compelling caricature of the […]


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